June 13, 2021

Vice City – New Management (Series 1)

Tommy is sitting behind his desk looking at paper. The papers show of how much money each of Tommy’s assets is making. He looks at boatyard, which is only generating $2000 a day. Tommy thinks for a moment before getting up from his desk. He leaves his office, walks down and stairs and goes outside. Outside the Vercetti Estate Tommy looks at his Limo, Infernus and Sabre Turbo, which is in the garage. Tommy hops in the Infernus and drives down to the boatyard. At the boatyard, Tommy gets out of his car and walks up to the boatyard-housing complex. He Sees that there are not enough boats to cope for all the people to use. Tommy gets on the phone to Ken Rosenberg.

“It’s Tommy!” says Tommy
“Nice to see you” says Ken Rosenberg
“Get me five new boats by tomorrow!” says Tommy

Tommy puts the phone down and drives back to his Estate. Tommy sits down at his desk and picks up the paper he was reading before. He changes the income of boatyard from $2000 to $6000 and laughs. Tommy picks up the weekly Vice City paper and reads the headline ‘Vercetti in Trouble?’ Tommy reads the article and discovers that Avery Carrington have formed a gang on his own and is attempting to take over Vice City. Tommy gets on the phone

“Ken, it’s Tommy!” says Tommy
“What can I do for you?” says Ken
“Get Phil Cassidy and Mitch Baker to my Estate ASAP!” shouts Tommy
“What about Avery Carrington?” says Ken
“The bastard wants to take over Vice City! Just get me Phil and Mitch!” shouts Tommy

Tommy hangs up the phone. Tommy gets up and goes for a walk around his mansion. He spots a local gang that are loyal to him. He tells them what is about to go down. They tell him they’ll get all 200 of them to the Estate tomorrow morning. Tommy decides on a ride in the sky, so he gets in his helicopter. Tommy wants to have a look at Avery’s building so he flies over. As he flies over, gunshots are heard so Tommy pulls out. Tommy flies back to the Estate knowing that Avery means business. Tommy goes down to his bar and downs a couple of beers before going back to his desk. Tommy decides that he needs more back up so he calls The Colonel, Juan Garcia Cortez.

“Colonel, it’s Tommy!” says Tommy
“Thank you again Tommy!” he says
“I need your help!”
“Anything for you!”
“Can you get to my Estate tomorrow?”
“I’m on my way back as we speak. I’ll be there!”

Tommy puts the phone down and decides he needs a good nights sleep.

“POLICE OPEN UP!” shouts police officers.

Tommy is walking down the stairs when they break the door down. They ask Tommy if they can ask him a few questions and he agrees. One of the police officers calls for assistance to put a new door on. Tommy leads the two officers into his office.

“How may I help you?” says Tommy
“You were spotted at Avery’s building yesterday!” says one of the police officers
“I went for a helicopter ride around Vice City. I didn’t attack him. As a matter of fact, it was him who shot at me!” says Tommy, starting to get angry
“Calm Down Mr Vercetti!”
“I own Vice City and that bastard wants to take it away from me!”
“You mean, you two are having turf wars?”
“You could put it that way”
“If both of you don’t stop this, then I’ll have to arrest you both”

The police officers get up and drive off. Tommy watches them leaves. A coach then pulls up at Tommy’s Estate. Ken gets out first, followed by Phil and Mitch with his bikers and then the local gangs loyal to Tommy.

“Tonight we attack!” shouts Tommy

Tommy is shouting out orders when he notices that something is wrong. Tommy looks around and singles one of the gang members out.

“Kill the traitor!” shouts Tommy.

Everyone attacks with man and he is left covered in blood. Tommy tells them that he doesn’t want anyone to turn their back on him so if they don’t want in, they should leave. No one leaves so Tommy orders everyone to go down to Sunshine Autos where there will be cars waiting. Everyone jumps in the coach including Tommy and they head to Tommy’s car place. Tommy opens the garages showing Sabre Turbo’s, Infernus’s and Phoenix’s. Everyone gets in the cars and they head down to the dock area in Ocean Beach. They wait for Colonel. After 10 minutes he arrives. The Colonel drives off his boat in a Voodoo. They all head back to Tommy’s Estate. When they get back, they find fire engines putting out a fire. Tommy gets out of his car and finds a note of floor. He reads it out loud;


Tommy screws the paper up and decides that the time for revenge is now. Tommy gathers his troops and heads down to Avery building site. He remembers a mission Avery had him do blowing up building opposite. Tommy remembers location of the van and gets the remote from it. He sends the planes in carrying bombs. He plants three bombs and then tells the gangs to get ready to leave. Tommy sets a 10 second delay so everyone drives off. In the distance they see Avery’s building blow up. Everyone cheers as Tommy decides he needs a new place to organise his attacks. Tommy tells everyone to go home, but tells Phil to stay with him. Tommy & Mitch drive down to the print works. Tommy enters and gets $500,000. He gets back in the car he and Phil go to Phil’s place. They stay in Phil’s caravan. Tommy sleeps on the couch

The next day Tommy and Phil wake up to a gang pointing guns at them. They follow their instructions and get in their car. The gang takes them to Print Works where Avery Carrington is waiting outside. The gang let Tommy and Phil out of the car but keep the guns on them

“Tommy, I survive on businesses while you survive on money!” says Avery
“So what?” says Tommy
“You see Tommy, I found a loop-hole in this business”
“Tommy, Vice City’s Print Works in under new management!”
“You can’t do this you son of a bitch”
“Guys, show Tommy what happens to people who go against me!”

The gang shoot at Phil and he falls to the ground. Tommy goes over to Phil.

“Boomshine” says Phil before dying

Tommy gets up and stares a whole through Avery

“You see Tommy, soon enough every business will be mine!” says Avery
“Not if you destroy me they won’t”
“Tommy you forget, I have contacts, and I know all the loop-holes. It was just a matter of time before…”
“You son of a bitch!”
“Guys, since Mr Vercetti isn’t co-operating, take him to the docks and dump him in the sea!”

The gang force Tommy into the car as they drive down to the docks at Ocean Beach. As they drive down, a police car follows as the driver of the car puts their foot down, the police car puts on it’s siren. It’s a chase down to Ocean Beach. The police follow the gang to Ocean Beach and they see them with Tommy. The police hold up their guns

“Put down your weapons!” shouts the police officer. The gang drop all of their weapons. The police officers walk over

“You are under arrest. Anything you do say, may be given in evidence and may be used against you in a court of law!”

Tommy is also arrested and taken to Vice City police station. Tommy knows that Avery will be laughing at him and he starts to get worked up. The police guide the gang and Tommy to a cell. Tommy asks for a phone call and the police allow him to make one phone call

“Ken, it’s Tommy!” says Tommy
“Where are you?” asks Ken
“I’m in jail. Avery stitched me up and killed Phil”
“When Phil died he said Boomshine. It’s at Phil’s place. You know what to do!”

Tommy puts the phone down and goes back to his cell where he gets ready to sleep for the night

The next day Ken comes down and pays the bail money for Tommy. Tommy and Ken go back to Tommy’s Estate where everyone is waiting. Tommy tells them to chill for a while and get a drink. Tommy goes to his office and sits down. He thinks about what has happened in Vice City since he first came. He remembers being screwed, making and losing friends such as Lance Vance and Diaz. He remembers that he owns Vice City and controls what goes on. Tommy gets up from his desk and gets tells Mitch and his biker gang to go Phil’s place and grab a tank of boomshine. The bikers leave. Tommy sends everyone else to boatyard and tells them to wait there. Tommy’s phone rings

“Tommy I’m Sorry!” says an elderly voice
“What?” Tommy asks
“About Avery taking over Print Works”
“That’s not your fault”
“I can tell you who they’re working for”
“Remember Sonny has you do a job for him by saving his cousin’s ass from going to jail. Well since he found out, you killed him, he has been using his big bank balance to buy people on his side. Tommy be careful!”
“I always am!”

Tommy remembers Giorgio, who was on trial and he persuaded jury to change their verdict. Tommy wishes he hadn’t done the job now but realises that Giorgio will be a threat. Tommy drives down to the boatyard where everyone else is waiting. Tommy fills them all in and they get prepare themselves

“If it comes to it, we may have to travel to Liberty City!” shouts Tommy.

Everyone is ready. Tommy decides that enough is enough and the Forelli’s need to taught a lesson in death. Tommy phone rings

“It’s me again Tommy, Giorgio is arriving at Vice City in about an hour”

Tommy orders everyone to drive to Escobar airport. Everyone has his or her weapons at the ready. The plane arrives and everyone gets off. They point waiting but no Forelli.


“You can’t defeated me one-on-one Tommy Vercetti!” says a man with a deep voice
“I can try Forelli!” shouts Tommy
“All your men are dead. It’s just you and me. Tommy you can die like these bastards or you can survive and be my bitch!”
“I’m not dying!”
“Then you’re my bitch!”
“I can’t believe Vice City is out of my control by a death threat”
“Believe it! Come on, we need to get back to Forelli Mansion. You can start by driving me there”

Tommy drives Giorgio back to Forelli Mansion!