June 13, 2021

Vice City – New Management (Series 2)

“Here’s your tea…sir” says Tommy
“Good, you remembered!” says Giorgio

Tommy leaves the room that used to be his office. Tommy decides to try and make a break for it so he runs up the stairs towards the helicopter. He stops at the last corner and peers out and sees two security guards guarding the helicopter. Tommy decides not to chance dying so Tommy makes his way to Giorgio’s office and asks him if he has any work for him. He tells Tommy of an old turf war in Vice City that is Legendary, Haitians and Cubans. Giorgio tells Tommy that if he fails re-starting the war, Tommy will die. Tommy leaves the office and heads down the stairs and into the awaiting Washington provided by Giorgio. Tommy mutters to himself about having to drive a piece of crap. Tommy decides to take a detour first and heads to Phil’s place. Once there he noticed Giorgio’s henchmen collecting goods. He also notices Mitch and his bikers tied up. Tommy gets on the phone

“It’s me Tommy!” says Tommy
“What’s up Tommy?” says Ken
“Ken there are only me and you, plus bikers left. I need you to get Steve Scott to get Mercedes and Candy Suxx out of town!”
“Ok Tommy!”

Tommy gets in his Washington. Tommy drives into his taxi firm over the road and gets into his zebra taxi. He runs over the gangs shooting at him as he drives away. Tommy drives to his film studio. Inside he sees Steve Scott talking to Mercedes and Candy Suxx

“Girls, get out of town!” says Tommy
“Why?” says Candy Suxx
“The Studio may come under attack. You could go to Mercedes home as it’s in neutral territory”
“Ok Tommy!”

The girls hop into a limo and drive off. Tommy takes a look around his studio before talking to Steve Scott. He tells Steve to announce something horrible has happened to film studio and that it is up for sale. Steve doesn’t understand why but agrees with his boss. Tommy drives back to Phil’s place where he sees Giorgio’s henchmen have gone. Tommy goes up to Mitch and bikers and frees them. Mitch tells Tommy to be careful. Tommy tells Mitch he is always careful and is going to take back Vice City! Tommy’s phone rings.

“Vercetti!” says Tommy
“It’s Ken. I need a favour” says Ken, “I’m a bit down tonight, could you send Candy Suxx over?”
“Ken, get off your ass. This isn’t time for fun. Go to my apartment in Ocean Beach. You’ll find a large amount of money. Go to Ammu-nation and buy all their stock.”
“You taking over Vice City?”
“I’m going to start by taking over biggest business in Vice City, Ammu-nation.”

Tommy puts the phone down as Mitch and his bikers drive back to their biker-meeting place. Tommy gets back into his taxi and thinks he needs more money. Tommy thinks about joining VCPD to get Giorgio arrests and sent down, but then realises he still has henchmen. Tommy sees the henchman driving in his rear-view mirror. He follows and they drive towards sunshine autos. Tommy gets side-by-side and opens fire blowing the drivers head off. The car veers into the side of Tommy’s auto shop and blows up. Tommy drives off before he gets involved with police. Tommy drives to Cuban territory and starts a fight and gets them to follow him. He runs into Haitian territory and starts a fight there. As the two sides meet they open fire on each other. Tommy escapes winded but manages to get back in his taxi. Tommy drives back to taxi place and pick up his Washington. Tommy drives back to mansion knowing the job has been complete.

“Well done Tommy!” shouts Giorgio from the door of the mansion
“No problem…Boss!” says Tommy
“Tommy, you look tired” laughs Giorgio, “Here’s a dollar!”
“Yes, know where on my henchmen?”
“On my way to Cuban territory, I saw them crash into sunshine autos. It looked like someone shot them”
“What did car look like?”
“It was from a stretch limo like Avery Carrington has”

Tommy laughs to himself knowing that a war should lead to Giorgio having no power. Giorgio gets in the awaiting infernos and heads down to Avery Carrington’s building yard! He sees Avery’s limo with a red blotch on the side. Giorgio walks over to Avery and pushes him. Avery pushes him back. They both draw out their Uzi 9mm but Avery gets the first shot in as Giorgio falls to the ground bleeding from the head. Avery opens fire and kills Giorgio. Avery puts Giorgio’s body in the trunk of his Phoenix and drives off and dumps his body in the sea.

Tommy picks up the paper and reads headline, ‘Giorgio Forelli Dead In River’. Tommy decides that now he can take over Vice City, but wonders who killed him. Tommy goes to the safe and takes out his weapons. He walks around the mansion taking over Giorgio’s henchmen. Tommy kills all twenty of them and reclaims the mansion as Vercetti Estate. Tommy sits at his desk and picks up the phone

“Steve, it’s Tommy!”
“I’ve had interest in Film Studio” says Steve
“Don’t sell it! I’m in charge of Vice City!”
“Good work Tommy!”
“Steve get Mercedes and Candy Suxx back and make the biggest and best film you have ever made”
“Ok Tommy!”
Tommy similes as Ken Rosenberg enters.. They shake hands. Ken gives Tommy the keys to Ammu-nation and tells him that he owns every Ammu-nation store in Vice City. Tommy smiles once more as Ken leaves. Tommy gets on the phone to organise more business.

“Who’s this?” asks Avery Carrington
“Your worst nightmare!” shouts Tommy
“Tommy Vercetti!”
“You damn right! Avery I own 99% of Vice City. We could have had a great partnership but you turned on me after the jobs I done for you!”
“Your point being?”
“After I own what’s left of Avery buildings that I will have full control of Vice City. Not even police can stop me!”
“You’ll end up like Giorgio!”

Avery puts the phone down on Tommy. Tommy realises that Avery must have killed Giorgio. Tommy goes back to his mansion and sits at his desk. He thinks about how Giorgio and his henchmen killed all of his friends namely Colonel and Phil. Tommy decides that Forelli family must pay. Tommy decides he will fly to Liberty City where Forelli family have currently moved. Tommy packs his bags. He phones Ken and tells him to meet him at airport. Two hours later, Tommy & Ken board a plan for Liberty City

The plan lands at Francis International Airport. Tommy & Ken get off the plan. Ken tells Tommy that Forelli’s are staying in Portland, which is the other side of Liberty City. Ken gets out his map as he and Tommy look for somewhere to stay. Tommy notices Phil Cassidy has a place in Staunton Island and decide to head over there. Tommy stops a car in middle of the street and points a gun at him. The man runs away as Tommy & Ken get in. Tommy is running low on Ammunition so he drives to Ammu-Nation. At Ammu-Nation, Tommy notices a sign on the window, ‘PROPERTY OF SONNY FORELLI’. Tommy hits the window as it smashes. Tommy enters the store and puts the man at gun-point

“Where does Forelli live?” Asks Tommy in his aggressive voice
“I don’t know” says a nervous assistant who in still being pointed at by Tommy’s gun, “Sonny came up last week and bought the shop”
“Sonny’s dead!”
“He was here last week!”
“What did he look like?”
“He was a fat man with the word ‘Diablos’ tattooed on his chest”

Tommy turns his attention to Ken. He pulls the gun away from shop assistance who presses panic alarm. Tommy shoots the assistant and grabs the ammo he needs. Tommy & ken get back in their car and drive off.

“Are the Diablos working for Forelli family?” asks Tommy to Ken
“Why would they use Sonny’s name?” Ken asks
“Why would they want Liberty City Ammu-Nation?” asks Tommy

Tommy & Ken have so many un-answered questions that they want answered. Tommy drives Ken and himself to Phil Cassidy’s Army Surplus. Tommy parks the car in garage and enters the place.

“Who’s that?” asks a voice from darkness. Tommy switches on a light.
“Kent Paul!” Tommy exclaims.

They shake hands as Kent Paul fills Tommy & Ken in on what’s been happening at Liberty City. Kent Paul reveals how Diablos were paid to keep Sonny Forelli name alive in Liberty City while he dealt with business in Vice City. Kent Paul tells Tommy that he has some friends across Liberty City that he can call. Tommy & Ken decide to have a look around Staunton Island. They drive back to Ammu-Nation to see if they can find any clues. When they get their they find someone has set fire to Ammu-Nation. The police tell Tommy and Ken that there were two people inside, believe to be crime bosses in Liberty City. Tommy and Ken look at each other before getting in their car and driving back to Phil’s place.

“Kent, Who are the Liberty City gang?” asks Tommy
“They all own a section of Liberty City! Each gang is tougher than the last and they all have a range of contacts,” answers Kent Paul
“Ammu-Nation was burnt down and police say two bodies were found” says Ken

Tommy looks in his pockets and pulls out $200,000. Tommy tells Ken & Kent Paul that Ammu-Nation will be rebuilt and that Liberty City will be Vercetti Turf! Kent Paul asks Tommy why Ammu-Nation. Tommy tells him that it’s Liberty City’s leading weapons supplier. Tommy & Ken get in the car and head down to Liberty City Planning Department. Kent Paul’s phone rings

“Kent, we just bought the Mars Café and Hyman Memorial Stadim” laughs one of the LoveFist band members
“Kent Paul is taking over Vice City! I’ll keep them here as long as I can”

Kent Paul puts the phone down and starts laughing. Tommy & Ken walk in as Kent is surprised to see them

“Kent you twisted bastard!” shouts Tommy
“What?” says Kent Paul
“We stood outside knowing you had something planned”

Tommy and Ken kick the shit out of Kent Paul. Tommy pulls out a UZI 9mm and fires as Kent Paul who is dead and lying in a pool of his own blood. Tommy & Ken get their stuff and head down to airport to travel to Vice City.

“What about Forelli’s?” Ken asks Tommy
“Leave them for now. I’ll beat them if they come to Vice City!”

Ken & Tommy board the plane and fly back to Vice City. When they arrive at Escobar Airport, they see former army solders sitting as kerb with no guns and no machine. Then Tommy sees Mitch and his bikers in a tank firing as various things.

“MITCH I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS!” shouts Tommy!