June 13, 2021

WWE: The Story Of Lies, Sex and ……

Backstage @ RAW
Vince & Linda are walking to their car when Vince is attacked from behind by a masked man. The man runs off as Linda goes to Vince.
Linda: Vince are you alright?
Vince: I’m alright….
Vince stands up as in the distance Triple H is heard shouting.
Triple H: Watch it jack!
Triple H comes running up to Vince.
Triple H: Vince are you ok?
Vince: I’m fine
Linda: We need tighter security around here
Triple H: It’s got to be a wrestler cos Vince you’ve pissed some off lately
Vince: How?
Triple H: By not letting people like Undertaker getting a shot at WWE Championship
Vince: Paul Bearer wasn’t around though
Triple H: Hello Vince, we’re off the air now!
Linda: He is right, some superstars are unhappy
Triple H: Vince let me become World Heavyweight Champion and I can lead the company to greatness
Vince: You had the title and you decreased it’s value
Triple H: I’m the GAMEAH, I’m a Franchise PLAYAH and I will become World Heavyweight Champion one way or another
Triple H walks off, with a grin on his face.

Meanwhile at Helmsley Household
Stephanie McMahon is laying it bed.
Stephanie: AAAHHHHHH
Stephanie: OOOOHHHHH
Stephanie: That was great. This vibrator sure brings excitement into my life especially since Hunter has his problem. Where is he?

At Rock Household
The Rocks wife has gone shopping so The Rock starts tidying up the house. The Rock puts on his maid uniform when the door bell rings
Rock: Who is it?
???: It’s Hu….
Rock: It doesn’t matter who it is!
The Rock opens the door and Hulk Hogan is standing there
Hogan: Nice look, brother
Rock: Don’t start….come in
Hogan: You here about Vince?
Hogan & Rock sit down
Rock: What happened?
Hogan: Rumour has it that Undertaker attacked Vince
Rock: I’d smack the taste out of Vince’s mouth
Hogan: Me too, brother, but the thing that’s weird, is that I saw Triple H walking out of the arena with a huge grin on is face
Rock: Vince has done shit all for my career….
A gunshot is heard as Hogan falls to the ground as Blood pours from Hogan
Rock: Hogan, you alright man. DAMN!

Meanwhile at Helmsley Household
Stephanie: I wonder were Hunter is….
The door opens and in walks Triple H
Stephanie: You’re two hours late
Triple H: Sorry. I had something to take care of
Stephanie: Hunter I’m feeling a horny tonight….
Triple H: Go do yourself, I’m got bigger things on my mind
Stephanie: (crying) HUNTER I SPENT $4,000 ON THIS BOOB JOB
Triple H: Yeah Yeah
Stephanie runs out of the house

At McMahon Household
Vince & Linda are about to eat their tea when Stephanie burst through the door crying
Linda: What is it Steph?
Steph: Hunter wouldn’t have sex with me last night
Vince: Not when we’re eating Steph!
Linda: VINCE!
Vince: What?
Linda: She needs our support
Steph: Thanks mom
Stephanie runs up to her old bedroom and falls onto the bed and continues to cry

Meanwhile at Rock Household
Hogan was shot by by a mystery gun-shot. The police are at the rock’s house.
Policeman #1: Rock, can you tell us exactly what happened?
Rock: we were here chatting about how Vince has screwed up our careers
Policeman #1: Who’s Vince?
Rock: Vince McMahon, owner of ECW,WCW and WWE
Policeman #1: Continue….
Rock: Then a gun-shot was heard and Hogan fell to the ground pouring with blood
Policeman #1: Could anyone be behind this?
Rock: I am certain it’s Triple H
Policeman #1: Where can I find Triple H?
Rock: I don’t know but I can give you McMahon address. They’ll know where he is
Policeman #1: Thanks for your time