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I have spoken to the guys behind OpenXBL and they have give me permission for this*

OpenXBL For XF2.1
What started as a project getting it working for my site grew to accomodate all those looking for an Xbox Leaderboard.

I still run XF2.1 hence why it was made to work with that. With help from a member of the TAZ community, an element of the script causing issues was updated to reflect the new GuzzleHttp in use for 2.1. I am also streamlining the app a bit to cut out DVR's and screenshots (for now at least).

What's Works

  • Connection to your Xbox Live account
  • Display page for gamerscore leaderboard, ranking in gamerscore total
  • Link to members game page
  • Shows Gamerscore compeltion of each game played
  • Shows amount of achievements unlock within a game
What Doesn't Work

  • Leaderboard doesn't automatically update as pulls latest gamerscore when connect account
  • Xbox One & PC games do not show total available achievements
  • Images not pulling into the database correctly so pausing game additions
  • Server error logs (potential files need reworking)

I'm not by any means a pro (or even classed as a novice) but there's certain elements I pull, edit or google to try and make work :)

I'll update if I make any progress on this.
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8th August 2021
  • Trophies based on likes to your posts are now live. There are however 7 reactions currently available. The first is 'like' which earns you 2 reaction points. Love, HaHa and WOW gives you 1 point while Sad, Dislike and Angry are at a score of 0. There are no regative score reactions in place.
7th August 2021
  • Due to an issue with a previous add-on that crippled our forum, we have had to reset everything from scratch
  • Steam leaderboard is live, tracking total game hours played across our members.
  • Xbox Leaderboard is currently a work in progress as I need to rewrite the script to work with XenForo properly.
  • Trophies are currently being reworked. Trophies based on post counts are now live. There will be more based on such things as likes to your posts, being connected to Steam and we'll even have some secret trophies to unlock!

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